The RxCut® free prescription savings card was created to help people across the US and Puerto Rico obtain affordable healthcare services. The RxCut® card provides free access to discounts of up to 75 percent off prescription medications. There is relief in sight! In response to recent requests, RxCut® is proud to offer a free Prescription Discount Card Program to its members! Medications have been the fastest growing component of healthcare costs for the past 5 years. The free RxCut® prescription savings card allows you, your family and friends to easily save money on prescription medications. Anyone with or without insurance can save on their prescription medications with RxCut®. Founders: Gerard Ferro Gerard Ferro Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Gerard Ferro is a founder and the CEO, an Inc. 500 Executive, inventor, author, and entrepreneur who is recognized nationally for his expertise in healthcare, healthcare technology and pharmaceutical plan management. Mr. Ferro brings over 28 years of broad-based experience in the health care industry and is known for developing cutting edge technology, systems and programs designed to reduce costs. Click here to view Gerard's full biography Click here to download Gerard's full biography Eric Shugarts Eric Shugarts Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Free For All®, Inc., Eric Shugarts, was the technology leader at five rapid growth corporations over the last 12 years utilizing his vast information technology, PBM, and operations expertise, including Free For All Incorporated, SUNRx, Lime Systems, and Omnient Corporation. At these companies Mr. Shugarts successfully performed the install, oversight and logistics of six data centers and completed entire office technology relocations.
RX Cut Prescription Savings Card helps you save up to 70% on prescriptions at pharmacies nationwide with or without insurance!!

RX Savings Card

Pharmacy Savings Program

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